Monday, October 5, 2015

Body and Context

 Body as Vehicle

Learning Objectives as Capabilities:
Ability to modulate a chosen medium through one’s body
Ability to navigate through various given contexts
Ability to engage with the public

Learning Objectives as Studio Habits:
Understanding Art Worlds: The course will develop the contextual and historical understanding of creative negotiations with body  in creative art and design practice from across the world.

Develop Craft: The course in this process envisages developing

  1. 2 D – 3D representation
  2. Application of mapping tools
  3. Story telling
  4. Application of design tools
  5. Reflective writing and documentation

Learning Objectives as Dimensions of Practice:
Creative practice: Core of this course will deal with creative negotiation with body as subject, object and context. Students will engage in the course through exercises and tools to contextualise an argument as a creative practice with self-positioning. This will include

  1. Story telling/ Narrative
  2. Painting
  3. Illustration/Graphic story telling
  4. Moving images
  5. Digital imaging/ creative appropriation
  6. Social engagement
  7. Art in public

Reflective practice : Course also envisages to inculcate reflective practice as creative engagement through introduction of
1.     Ethnography
2.     Social mapping
3.     Mind mapping
4.     Research tools
5.     Debate/ Critique sessions
6.     Writing journal and digital bloggings

Prerequisites: None.

Course Abstract – Body within, body beyond
From time immemorial, body is understood not only as a physical entity but a metaphorical representation of human imagination, possibility, desire and subject.  It simultaneously operates at many levels as a vehicle to translate human capacity and it’s transcendent value.  Between individual and community, private and public, its manifestation decides the entire creative engagement of human civilization. This course will explore world of creative art and its craft to understand body as subject and object in contemporary art practice.

Learning Outcomes:
1.    Introduction to contemporary art and design practices
2.    Engagement with media, material and its possibilities through exploring 2D, digital and 3D forms.
3.    Understanding collaborative iteration of artistic engagement in private and public spaces – art in studio, art in public and public art.


3.    Journals
a.    Reflective Blogs or Journals on BB

Assessment Opportunities
1.    Feedback sessions in class – Through peer review
2.    Assignments – class room presentations 80%
                         Public presentation          20%

Grading Criteria
Studio habits
Capability sets